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Small City, Big Heart

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Welcome to Halliday, ND!


It all started with the promise of a new life…Halliday was home to a surge of settlers wanting something more. The city began in 1914 as a transplant from an old site two miles north of present day Halliday. The community inhabitants were overseas transplants willing to face the challenges ahead in hopes of building a new life on the North Dakota prairie.

It was the railroad that became the engine of settlement and sparked the possibility of a brighter future for all. Prepared to face the challenges of starting anew pioneers began flocking to the region and filling the land with hope. Soon, the area was thriving with people and businesses and Halliday topped 1,000 residents.

In the dirty 30s the stock market crashed and the great depression took the shine off from the sparkle of prosperity and things changed rapidly. Then in 1984, the abandonment of the rail line from Zap to Killdeer proved disastrous as communities were forced to find new ways to create economic growth.

Werner, an even larger community than Halliday at the time and located only eight miles to the west, wasn’t able to weather the storm and survive the march of time. By early 1970s, the town was empty as a result of similar conditions that lead to growth or decline. Unlike Werner and many other small communities back then, Halliday was able to survive. Forced to face the same challenges many other rural communities face to survive, Halliday was fortunate to be located on the north-south crossroad, Highway 8.

Although there’s a substantial difference in population since the beginning of time, Halliday remains a proud community…proud to have stood the test of time and weathered the storms of the past. A community built through hard work, perseverance and the will to succeed.

As of 2020, there were 241 people, 93 households and 52 families residing within the city. The median age in the city was 53.2 years with 20.7% of residents under the age of 18 and the gender makeup almost divided equally with 54.3% male and 45.7% female.

In 2014, Halliday celebrated its 100th birthday in true Centennial style! Former residents and friends from all over the United States came to visit the tiny North Dakota city they once called home.

The popular proverb, “big things come in small packages” is the best way to describe the community…we may be small, but we are mighty and we invite you to visit us anytime to find out for yourself!

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Latitude: 47° 3545' North Longitude: 102° 336' West

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Surrounding Counties

Stark, Billings, McKenzie, Mountrail, McLean and Mercer


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