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A planning and zoning board is a locally elected or appointed government board charged with recommending to the local city commission the boundaries of the various original zoning district and appropriate regulations to be enforced and proposed amendments. They also are responsible for collecting data and staying informed of the best city planning and zoning practices. By doing so, they can act appropriately on measures affecting the present and future movement of traffic, the segregation of residential and business districts and the convenience and safety of persons and property in any way dependent on city planning and zoning.

The chairman of the planning and zoning board (or a staff member) is responsible for publishing public hearings in the newspaper about certain matters that come before the board. Some communities elect members of the board. In other jurisdictions the planning and zoning board members are appointed by the mayor or first selectman of the city or town and approved by the city’s legislative body, i.e. city commission, board of aldermen, etc. (some planning and zoning board members are appointed by the city commission as a whole).

The planning and zoning board meets semimonthly, the first and third Mondays.

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Planning and Zoning Board Members

Carolyn Klopp


Duane Saari


Linda Gietzen


David Kuntz


Nathaniel Kindrix 


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